QMP Ride the trails Weekend - Comin' at Ya!
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QMP Ride the trails Weekend - Comin' at Ya!

It's perfect weather in the build up to this weekend's Ride the Trails weekend @QMP, with clouds and the occasional shower all conspiring to build some lovely, grippy moisture in the soil. Book now!
So what else can we do? Draft in the young guns from Yourtown to help us build Saturday night's Fire Pit - cleverly located right next to the Moto Cafe, amenities block and QMP Relaxation and Spectation Verandah (yes we just invented a word).

REMEMBER! Online entries close Thursday @ midnight. See you there! Pics: Douglas Miller's "Relive" map of (most of) the trails. Young legends from Yourtown building the firepit. Acoustic Soloist John Wilkinson (a pretty talented guy). The event poster. Mmm, tasty trail menu. Nice atmospheric of trailriders saddling up. Shut up and take my money!

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