With one of Australia's greatest Freestyle MX riders Matt ''Schuie'' Schubring having built the
FMX Compound you can be assured it was built just right. NOTE: You must have a current
MA Licence with Freestyle accreditation to use this area or be under supervision of an MA accredited FMX Coach.

Please keep up to date on our Facebook page regarding when an accredited coach is available. 

This is not to be taken lightly, Freestyle Motocross is the sport based around backflips, and
having your body almost as far away from the bike mid-air as possible... and then to land again.
The Freestyle MX area will only be available to riders who have been accredited to participate
on the jumps, having proved they can comfortably ride the motocross tracks and certain
obstacles at Queensland Moto Park

Freestyle Motocross to be ridden under the supervision of a MA Freestyle MX Endorser at certain Times and Days.


QMP is a family friendly venue and visitors are asked to be respectful of other visitors and staff.

We have zero tolerance of drunken,

drug-affected, rude, socially unacceptable

or violent behaviour.

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